Number of Poor Jakarta Up, It Said Jokowi …

The number of poor people in Jakarta is known to be increased in the future leadership of the Governor and Deputy Governor Joko Widodo Tjahaja Basuki Purnama .

So , what Jokowi word ?

" Actually , we already provide the basic needs of the total , " said Jokowi at City Hall , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) . Jokowi exemplifies the Jakarta Health Card ( KJS ) and Jakarta Smart Card ( KJP ) .

However , Jokowi admitted two programs are the beginning of the fulfillment of basic needs in the community . Jokowi admitted two programs that still need improvement .

Not only that , proper housing programs for the community have also been carried out on his tenure . This was evidenced by the provision of housing in rental flats simple and hometown series .

Unfortunately , further Jokowi , construction in the city is not accompanied by improvement program at the national level . ” When the national economy fell , so will affect the poverty line it is also because there is no standard , ” said Jokowi .

Jokowi asserted , would still provide the basic needs for the people . He hoped that these conditions can stimulate the growth of welfare in society .

Jokowi explained , according to the Report on Accountability ( accountability report ) Regional Head of the City Council , the number of poor people per September 2013 recorded 375 700 people ( 3.72 percent ) , an increase of 0.02 percent compared to the same period the previous year , ie 366 770 persons ( 3 , 70 percent ) .

Jokowi continued , a slight increase is due to two things . First , the rate of inflation for 2013 reached 8.00 percent , higher than the previous year to reach 4.52 percent . Inflation due to central government policy to raise fuel prices in 2013 ago.

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The second cause , the government raised the poverty line in Jakarta indicator of income of Rp 392,571 per capita per month in 2012 to Rp 434,322 per capita per month in 2013 ago . This causes the number of poor people in the city seem to grow .


List menu on the Titanic auctioned USD 1.5 M

A breakfast menu that sank the Titanic relics on sale officially April 1912 . This is a rare relic in the top menu fateful ship these two classes .

Quoted from the Daily Mail , Monday, April 21, 2014 , the menu will be sold for £ 80 thousand , equivalent to USD 1.5 billion . Sales plan will be carried out by the auction house Henry Aldridge and Son in Wiltshire , England , on 26 April.

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List menu doubled the size of postcards is fairly rare . There were around 20 menus found . However , mostly from first -class restaurant . The first class passengers first rescued in the accident . When boarding a lifeboat , they still keep a list of the menus in their purse or jacket pocket .

Meanwhile , 93 percent of passengers in second class can not be rescued from the ship which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean . One of the survivors is Jacob Gibbons , second-class restaurant waiter , who still maintains a list of the menu . ( Read : Violin Titanic auctioned U.S. $ 19.2 Billion )

In the breakfast menu tersebt written several menu options for passenger ships , of which , Fresh Fish , Yarmouth bloaters , Grilled Ox Kidneys & Bacon , American Dry Hash Au Gratin , Grilled Sausage Mashed Potatoes , Grilled Ham & Fried Eggs , and a simple menu Fried Potatoes .


Four Free French Journalist in Syria

Four French journalists detained in Syria for almost a year, free and in good health on Saturday (19/4), said French President Francois Hollande told Agence France-Presse (AFP).

"The four journalists are in good health although it has experienced very challenging conditions. I also would like to thank all those who helped their release, "said Hollande.

Didier Francois Europe 1 radio reporter and photographer Edouard Elias was arrested in the northern Aleppo on June 6, 2013. Two weeks later, Nicolas Henin Point magazine reporter and freelance photographer Pierre Torres was arrested in the northern part of the country in Raqqa.

One of the hostages Didier Francois told the Dogan news agency in Turkey on Saturday, that she is very happy to be free and then smiled with a long beard while speaking at a police station near the Syrian border city of Turkey.

According to Dogan news agency, four journalists were discovered by Turkish troops at the border with their hands tied and eyes closed. It remains unclear whether the journalists had been freed by abductors or fleeing.

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Hollande said that it has always respected and demanded security for journalists in France because of his role that always provide information. He said that his attention is now drawn to two other French citizens are still being held in the Sahel region of Africa. The French government has always held a mobilization relentlessly to obtain their release.


Ready to Build Coalition Gerindra Indonesia Raya

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo implies he is working to build a Coalition of Indonesia Raya previously initiated PAN politician Amien Rais at a meeting of Islamic leaders in Cikini, Thursday, April 2014 evening.

"All of this (coalition with the PPP and communication with other parties), in order to build a broad coalition that (Indonesia Raya)," Prabowo said in Jakarta, Saturday (19/04/2014)

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Earlier in the meeting of Islamic leaders and politicians in Cikini, Amien Rais initiated the formation of the Coalition of Indonesia Raya comprising Islamic and nationalist parties.

According to Prabowo, in the near future he will soon have a meeting with Amien Rais was associated grand coalition. He also will continue the political safari by visiting other political parties to build a large coalition, not least speak with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

"The logic is so (political safari), later in time (see SBY). During this time we carry out an intensive communication with all parties almost there with PKB, PAN, PKS, Democrat, Golkar, and Hanura, including PDIP open if you want to join us," Prabowo clear.

Meanwhile PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali (SDA) also agrees with the formation of the Coalition of Indonesia Raya. Prabowo SDA believes will greatly opens up the possibility of a coalition with other parties. (Ant)


Google Releases Android Application Cameras

Google has released a standalone version of the camera app for Android . The application is claimed to provide a significant improvement from its predecessor .

The new application , called Google Camera , featuring a new user interface with an updated shooting modes , as well as the ability to selectively focus the camera .

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Rumors of new applications it first appeared earlier this month after it was reported that the company is testing a new camera app that will be released independently with the Android 4.4.3 update .

Google also launched the Lens Blur , new effects that allow users to take pictures with shallow depth of field to focus selectively on certain parts of an image . This is the first time I enter that feature in the camera app .

" Achieving these optical effects and traditionally require large aperture lens , and because it has not been possible to use the camera on a mobile phone or tablet , " writes Google software engineer Carlos Hernandez in a blog post that explains how Google creates a team of researchers Lens Blurn as quoted by Mashable , Friday , 18 April 2014 .

" Lens Blur replace the need for a large optical system with an algorithm that simulates the lens and larger aperture , " he added .

Panorama mode and portrait camera has also been enhanced with higher resolution . Google Camera is also the first time the company has made the scope of the portrait - a shooting mode that allows 360-degree panorama - available for non - Nexus devices .

This application also comes with a viewfinder and the shutter button is enlarged , so that what the user sees in the viewfinder will be identical to the exit in the shooting .

Google Camera is available on Google Play Store and is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 ( KitKat )


The shriveled sacks Ukrainian troops Confront Militant Pro-Russia

Ukraine, Thursday , disband the army unit that releases six armored vehicles to the pro - Russian rebels as the army of Kiev failed ejecting the rebels in the eastern region .

" 25 parachute brigade , whose members showed cowardice and disarmed them , will be issued and its members are guilty will be tried , " said the interim president of Ukraine , Oleksandr Turchynov , told parliament .

Ukrainian army is weakening on Wednesday humiliated when operation ” antiterrorist ” full sensation to suppress the pro - Moscow protesters out of the cities along the eastern region do not succeed in their mission .

The separatists seized six armored personnel vehicles and pressed the soldiers to lay down their arms .

Ukraine ‘s defense ministry said in a statement on Thursday , rows of armored vehicles and soldiers - who one day earlier was blocked by pro - Russian activists in cities Kramatorsk - have returned to their base after a tense showdown .

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Actions give it a serious blow to the spirit of the Ukrainian armed forces are battered and Kiev hopes to re-establish his authority in the industry .


Follow the Flow Dahlan Iskan Democratic Convention

One participant convention Democratic presidential candidate, Dahlan Iskan said they would still follow the process to be performed convention committee or committees.

As participants of the convention, he was subject to the mechanisms and regulations made by the party and the convention committee.

"I went along. Passed along, do not ya come forwarded. Because it is my participants, "he said when met at the office of the vice president, Wednesday (16/4).

  He claimed not to know the fate of the convention after the legislative election results (pileg) make the Democratic Party can not nominate candidates for president himself.

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He was also reluctant to comment on the possibility nominated as a candidate for vice president (vice president) of the Democratic Party. “I am not a committee, so I do not know,” he said.


Some Companies Still Comfortable to Wear Windows XP

PERTH - Although Windows XP is no longer be supported by Microsoft and are vulnerable to virus attacks , there are a number of companies still rely on 13 -year-old operating system .

A company called Environmental Olsen , in Perth , Australia , said the number of office computers are still running Windows XP OS . The reason companies are reluctant to replace them with newer , Windows XP because the computer can still run well .

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Guardian launched on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) , the company still uses five computer operating system Windows XP , and as many as seven other computers running Windows 7 . ” All of our computers are aged less than four years . Windows 7 does not offer a feature none of the features that we need, ” said Derek Olsen , one of the company executives .

Based Softpedia reports , one of the major reasons why many users are reluctant to migrate to a newer Windows OS because of convenience of use . While Windows XP users have not found any damage or threat , and the computer can still run fine without constraint , users prefer to stick with it .

" We look at the stability of the operating system . OS is running smoothly . The only annoying thing is the notification of Microsoft Office that keeps asking for an update . Was annoying . , But as long as the computer is not damaged , we will not migrate , " he added .

As is known , the OS of Windows XP is out of support on the 8 April 2014 . And according to reports , to date many offers are milling about on the internet for updates or security systems Windows XP , even though it is a virus .


Higher Rupiah appreciation of the U.S. Dollar

JAKARTA - The rupiah against the U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) opened higher . However, the Euro is still weak in the range Rp11.400 per USD , after a sharp decline last week .

Bloomberg Dollar Index launched on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) , the rupiah to trade non - delivery forward ( NDF ) rose 12 points to Rp11.425 per USD . This morning Rupiah move in the range of Rp11.420 - Rp11.432 per USD .

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Appreciation of Rupiah comes amid a stronger U.S. dollar as U.S. retail sales in March rose the most since September 2012 . Department of Commerce reported that U.S. retail sales rose 1.1 percent last month , following a 0.7 percent increase in February was revised up .

As a result , the U.S. dollar was little changed to $ 1, 3817 per euro in Tokyo , the most since March 19 . Against the Japanese yen was unchanged at 101.89 per Japanese yen , after earlier rising 0.2 percent in New York . While the euro edged higher 140.78 per Japanese yen , from 140.76 yen .

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index , which tracks the U.S. dollar against 10 major currencies , was little changed at 1008.41 , after rising 0.2 percent yesterday . However , the U.S. dollar has slipped 1 percent last week .


Collect Russian Stealth Fighter Near the Ukraine

The North Atlantic Organization (NATO) released satellite photos showing that Russia is mobilizing its troops near the border with Ukraine, including fighter aircraft, tanks, artillery and thousands of troops.

The structure is considered capable troop invaded Ukraine in 12 hours if needed, said a NATO official told CNN on Saturday (12/4).

Some pictures were taken from 22 March to 2 April and make NATO concern over the Russian invasion of the higher purpose.

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NATO estimates that 40,000 Russian troops were preparing at the Ukrainian border in at least 100 points.