Win Strategy Huawei Smartphone Market in Indonesia

JAKARTA - smartphone manufacturers and providers of telecommunications networks, Huawei Ascend today reveal the presence of Y320. Priced at under R1 million, this smartphone excelling in the competitive price.

"Our strategy best quality and reasonable price (affordable). Then strong distribution through TiPhone Mobile Indonesia," said Nick Lee, Head of Consumer Business Group Huawei to Okezone on the sidelines of the launch of Ascend Y320 in Jakarta, Friday (6/6 / 2014).

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He said Indonesia has a huge potential for penetration of 3G smartphone users. Handset Ascend Y320 is intended for novice users who switch from 2G to 3G phones.

There are approximately 6 to 7 new mobile devices that will be circulated in the Indonesian market. Of a number of latest handsets, Huawei provides a variant of the product for the middle to lower to middle to top.

At the launching ceremony Ascend Y320, a company headquartered in China is also showing off a model MediaPad 7-inch tablet X1 and premium smartphone, the Ascend P7. Tablet X1 amplified Quadcore 1.6 GHz CPU and battery 5.000mAh.

While Ascend P7 performed with 5-inch HD screen, quad-core 1.8 GHz processor, a 13MP rear camera and 8MP front. In addition, the Android 4.4 powered handset that has a battery 2.500mAh.

It is not known the exact date of release products mentioned above. However, Nick says that the product will be present in Indonesia starting this year.

Retail Marketing Director of Huawei, Taufik Syahbuddin revealed, it concentrates on how to introduce products to the consumer. “Indonesia is a big market. We did have to play in Indonesia, India, China. Factory China Mobile, but we are known as an international brand,” he said.

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TiPhone Mobile Indonesia and Telkomsel appointed Huawei as a partner through a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) in the launch of Ascend Y320. The company pursues approximately 100 thousand units featured dual SIM smartphone sales and is targeting a market share of 10 percent in 2014. (Ahl)


Opened Red, JCI Crawling Up

Stock trading in Indonesia Stock Exchange, Wednesday (05/28/2014) morning lasted fluctuate. Opened red, Composite Stock Price Index crept up through the green zone.

Until around 0915 GMT, the index increased 11.38 points to 4975.31. Recorded 140 stocks rose, 38 stocks fell, and 64 stocks stagnant. The transaction value reached Rp 399.806 billion.

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Stocks that became the backbone of the index at the beginning of this session, among others, Elnusa (ELSA) rose 2,979 percent, PP London Sumatra Indonesia (LSIP) increased by 2.21 percent, Indonesian Cement (SMGR) added 1.50 percent, and the National Gas Company (PGAS) rose 1.32 percent.

While stocks are still red, including the XL Axiata (EXCL) decreased 1.39 percent, Media Nusantara Citra (MNCN) fell 1.29 percent, Astra International (ASII) fell 0.67 percent, and Kalbe Farma (KLBF) melemag 0.61 percent.


Measuring the Market Potential in Lombok property and Disadvantaged Areas

" Never underestimate the potential of regional markets , especially Lombok , and other areas in eastern Indonesia . Purchasing power of the people , was much higher than his brother in the western part of Indonesia " .

Similarly Blacksteel Group Marketing Director , Elsye Tanihaha , explaining its motivation to invest Rp 1 trillion in Lombok , West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) , to , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

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Citing the results of the feasibility Blacksteel Group’s business done in the last year , menuru Elsye , Lombok property market will evolve less than five years away . This survey reinforced the Central Bureau of Statistics , West Nusa Tenggara which mention economic conditions in the first quarter 2014 increased .

The improvement seen from the consumer tendency index ( CTI ) of NTB 111.57 , higher than the achievement of the fourth quarter of 2013 amounted to 107.86 . ITK NTB at 111.57 today ITK is above the national average of 110.03 , but is under the ITK Bali Province of 114.98 .

The improvement in the economic conditions consumers primarily driven by household income surged by 106.54 and a low effect of inflation on food consumption as indicated by the index value 114.63 .

Achievement ITK estimated NTB shot in the second quarter of 2014 amounted to 112.37 is slightly below the national ITK estimate of 112.39 . This means that the level of consumer confidence expected to be higher than the first three months of 2014.

" That’s what motivates us to develop Lombok City superblock . Such is the case with other areas that can be said is still lagging behind in terms of development of the property sector , namely Ambon , Palu , Sorong , Gorontalo , Kupang , and so forth . Turns out the purchasing power of the people outside usual , the businessmen also welcomed the enthusiastic presence of our property , "said Elsye .

great Potential

As an example , Ambon City Center which is the largest shopping center in the capital of Maluku , recorded occupancy rate of 130 percent . In addition to shopping malls in the form of rent , there are also shop houses are rented to businesses and corporate commodity crops .

The high level of demand , stimulate Blacksteel Group working Ambon City Center Stage 2 are now still in the process of construction .

Not only Blacksteel Group , other developers also make Lombok as arable area and one profit center for sustainable income ( recurring income ) . The developer is Relife Property Group which has operated svarga Resort .

Relife develop 25 units of villas with rates per night between 100 U.S. dollars ( USD 1.1 million ) to 700 U.S. dollars ( USD 7.7 million ) . Svarga Resort is located on a hill and take advantage of the beauty of the land contours as building design provide options for tourists in vacation .


Brawl, Citizens Patrol Police Car Damaged

The war between the groups in Makassar tradition seemed to be difficult to remove. Events involving residents RK 1 and RK 4 Parangloe Village, District Tamalanrea, Makassar, this has become.

Even residents who clashed with police patrol car violently destructive Tamalanrea. Action that could ultimately destroy the citizens stopped by police officers Tamalanrea, assisted Patmor Brimob and Intelkam Polrestabes Makassar.

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Six people were recovered, consisting of Abu Bakr (23), Sainal (22), Jim (20), Jones (23), Ridwan (18) and Umar (19). From the hands of the suspects, police seized evidence in the form of stones, bows, and wooden beams.

According to eyewitnesses Muhammad Nasir, the incident allegedly triggered when one of the victims of RK 1 RK passed 4, Village Parangloe, District Tamalanrea.

One young man in RK 4 called Black detain and beat citizens face RK1 which causes the front teeth fall out and hit the victim’s head wound up. Not long, about 30 minutes, residents RK4 attended the victim’s friends. Instantly, a brawl broke out.

"They attack each other. There is also a patrol car damaged Tamalanrea police station," said Nasir.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Yulias Kapolsekta Tamalanrea Commissioner said, war groups in the region have often occurred, six people have been examined. But only one person who terindetifikasi perpetrator, Umar, a container driver.

Performers memimiliki 14 arc eye, and one krakling (hand paddle of iron). “The issue of destruction of police patrol cars are still investigating, yesterday was solved perpetrators of war group,” he said.


Saint Monica Teacher Will Undergo Lie Test

The police will do a lie test ( lie detector ) and psychiatric against Saint Monica Playgroup teachers who reported to have sexually assaulted one of his students , L ( 3.5 ) .

" There are plans lie detector examination , also a psychiatric examination of the reported relating why do such things , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Rikwanto , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

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The second inspection is not known when it will be done because waiting for the readiness of the National Police Headquarters . ” Being mailed to the headquarters because there is an investigation, ” he said .

As reported , a mother , B , report to the City Police that her son , student Playgroup Saint Monica , experienced sexual abuse by a teacher who is called ” Miss ” .

The mother does not know when the violence occurred . However , according to the recognition of his son , the violence experienced many times . The impact of the violence , said B , his son so often delirious and in his delirium he mentioned ” Miss evil ” .


High School Graduation level in Jakarta, North Jakarta Lowest

North Jakarta become the region with the lowest graduation rate , which is 99.70 per cent . A total of 21 of 7,087 high school students did not pass the national exam .

Students who do not pass are derived from the 12 schools . The 12 schools that are SMA 15 ( 2 did not pass ) , SMA 72 ( 1 ) , SMA 73 ( 2 ) , SMA Hassanudin ( 1 ) , Al Jihad ( 2 ) , SMA 83 ( 1 ) , SMA 52 ( 1 ) , SMA 114 ( 1 ) , SMA 115 ( 1 ) , SMA 92 ( 1 ) , Pearl high School ( 1 ) , and high School of the Holy Light ( 7 people ) .

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Chief Office of Secondary Education Mustafa Kemal admit it . According to Kemal , it is still poor due to the system of teaching in a school in North Jakarta .

" This year we did the lowest rank . This will be a lesson for us to improve the quality of education in North Jakarta , " Kemal said when contacted on Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

Kemal explained further that the number of schools that apply the system Teaching and Learning Activities ( KBM ) are still old-fashioned . Judged , many teachers who apply the pattern in the direction of education . In fact , he said , teaching and learning activities among teachers and students should be applying partnership or partnerships . That way , teachers and students are complementary and mutually spur to improve quality .

" Going forward, we will focus on improvement of the teaching system . Especially in schools so that students already subscribed not pass , " he explained .

The data reported from Jakarta Education Department , East Jakarta ranked holds first graduation , 99.89 percent , 99.87 percent in South Jakarta , West Jakarta and Central Jakarta 99.85 percent 99.76 percent .


Laksono: Support candidates that Golkar Deputy Jusuf Kalla

Vice Chairman of the Golkar Party Laksono indicated their support to the party’s presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , Joko Widodo . According to the Court , the party will be a solid support one candidate if the vice-presidential candidate comes from the Golkar Party .

" If Hatta ‘s been to Prabowo , then Jokowi unclear and the possibility JK ( Golkar politician , Jusuf Kalla , red) . Later after JK , we see . Golkar The feeling is more like that there is an element of his party, " Agung said after doing closed meeting at the presidential office , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

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Court recognizes that internal Golkar Party will not question if the party bearing the banyan tree is anchored to the PDI - P option . In the political history of the Golkar Party , said the Court , the party has always been in government . Therefore , in choosing coalition partners , the Golkar Party also tend to choose the presidential candidate who wins a greater possibility . ” If that’s the best option , yes baseball ‘s okay, ” said Agung .

When asked further about the agenda of the declaration of Golkar Party Chairman Bakrie support Jokowi on this evening , the Great claimed not to know . “I’ll check , ” he said .

Earlier, after meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono , Jokowi only smiled when asked if merapatnya Golkar Party to the PDI - P . So far , the coalition supporting shaft Jokowi start filled by a number of parties . In addition to the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , there Nasdem Party and the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) . The Golkar Party has yet to receive a coalition partner .


Golkar CBOs Evaluation Meeting to Discuss Pileg

Mass and wing organization Golkar Party held a meeting at the head office (DPP) Golkar Party, Friday (05/02/2014). The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Golkar Party Young Generation (AMPG) Yorrys Raweyai. While opening the meeting, said Yorrys estimates obtained seats in the 2014 election Golkar Party this.

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"Of the various reports, Golkar guaranteed a maximum of 90 seats. Whilst we are targeting 106 seats," said Yorrys.

He said, based on rapimnas ago, Golkar aims to be the winner of the election. However, ultimately misses the target. Once opened Yorrys, meetings held in private.

Meanwhile, organizations that attended the party’s founding organizations that Depinas Soksi, Kosgoro, and MKGR. Organizations that founded the Indonesian Students (AMPI), Golkar’s youth wing (AMPG), Unity Women’s Golkar Party (KPPG).

In addition, there were also organizations such as the Golkar Party wing Satkar Indonesian Ulama, Al-Hidayah, Association of Women’s Work, and the Da’wah Council of Indonesia. The characters are present among MKGR Chairman Priyo Budi Santoso and Chairman Kosgoro Laksono.

While Soksi not attended its Chairman, Ade Komarudin. Yorrys, Priyo, representatives Soksi, Kosgoro representatives, and representatives KPPG act as chairman of the meeting. Laksono refused to be in the leadership meeting despite the shocking and Yorrys persuaded.

Implementation of mass organizations meeting the party bearing the banyan tree is done at a time when many organizations oppose the nomination turbulent Ical as President. Today, the founder of the Golkar Party Suhardiman Soksi and requested that Ical resign. He considered Ical will not be able to compete with the other candidate. Suhardiman statement was delivered after receiving the shocking arrival to his residence.


Malaysia Opens Largest Airport in the World Flights

Malaysia managed to make a new breakthrough in the world of aviation by establishing airports ( airports ) ‘s special fleet the largest in the world , Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 ( KLIA 2 ) .

Airport which was built as a special terminal operates flights it official today, Thursday ( 02/05/2014 ) along with the arrival of Flight Air Malindo OD1027 at 12:05 local time .

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While the first aircraft will depart from the airport it is 5J502 Cebu Pacific Airways to Manila purpose . The aircraft will also be dispatched today at 3:15 local time as quoted from page Bernama .
10:20 last night , the check -in process begins and lasts without interruption . The first passengers to check this at the airport is a citizen of the Philippines , Gemma Camarinta ( 39 ) who claims to be very happy to be part of the history of the world ‘s largest airport .

Women who frequently use the services of a special terminal ‘s ( Low Cost Carrier Terminal / LCCT ) admits the new airport is more convenient and easier to accomplish . Because there is a direct train access to the airport .

" I like the new one because it is within easy reach of major road . Bangunana I am happy with the new airport compared to the previous LCCT , " said one visitor airports .

Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd ( MAHB ) announced , there are four airlines that will perform the flight today is Malindo Air , Cebu Pacific Airways , Lion Air , and TigerAir . Meanwhile , the new AirAsia will commence operation in Kila2 on May 9 .
MAHB would predict around 7,000 passengers crowded the airport each day . With the addition of AirAsia , passenger movement in the airport can reach an average of 50 thousand inhabitants .

Klia2 equipped with spacious parking area which can accommodate 6,000 vehicles are included ERL , taxis , and buses . Not only that , the visitors will also appreciate the mall area of ​​350 thousand square feet with 200 outlets which also opens today .
" We have proved the whole process in accordance with the schedule that we announced earlier . Klia2 We are proud to be the newest icon of Malaysia , " said Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi Malaysia .

Together with the deputy minister of transport , is present also CEO of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd ( MAHB ) Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah , MAHB managing director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad and Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation ( DCA ) Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman as witness the historic moment the .


After slaughtering , Butcher hit Tangerang Money

After slaughtering the family sadistic ex-boyfriend , aka Gugun Gumilang Ramadan ( 27 ) , to steal the money of Rp 6 million that is in the victim’s home in Jalan Jaya Lagerstroemia Housing Pot III , No. . 184 , RT 06 / 06 , Village Jaya Pot , Pot Subdistrict , Tangerang City .

" The intention of stealing spontaneously , actors saw no money USD 6 million on the table , " said Metropolitan Police Commissioner Riad Tangerang , Wednesday, April 30, 2014 .

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The money is paid from the general freight business managed Dukut ( 54 ) which is the skipper of public transportation on that day . Ramadan saw it snatched the money , family -blooded murder after his ex-girlfriend and Herayanti Dukut ( 50 ) and Prasad ( 15 ) . “The money will be used to blur the cost , ” said Chief of Police .

Police snare Ramadan with Article 338 and Article 363 of the Criminal Code junto about theft and weighting . Associated with the alleged no other motive behind the brutal murder . Riad said police still continue to explore by developing investigation. ( Read : Killing Victims In Tangerang Butcher hour )

This brutal action of unemployed youths allegedly triggered by the words of the Goddess parents , ex- girlfriend who refused his request for the resumption of their love affair . Blindly , private university graduate engineering degree in Serpong , South Tangerang it kills both parents and youngest sister of victims using a wrench and a kitchen knife taken from the house .

Ramadan and Dewi have four more years of making love . Formerly, Ramadan worked in mining companies in Kalimantan . But , since the last two years , the young unemployed . A week ago , the Goddess who work in the Kuningan area of Jakarta decided that man. ” Mas Gugun already have a boyfriend anymore , ” said Dewi .